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Figure 3 | Scandinavian Journal of Trauma, Resuscitation and Emergency Medicine

Figure 3

From: Correction of hypothermic and dilutional coagulopathy with concentrates of fibrinogen and factor XIII: an in vitro study with ROTEM

Figure 3

Effects of coagulation factor concentrate (Fibrinogen or Fibrinogen with factor XIII (FXIII)) at two different temperatures (33° vs. 37 C) during haemodilution with Ringer’s acetate (RAc) or hydroxyethyl starch (HES). ROTEM EXTEM parameters shown are clotting time (CT), clot formation time CFT) and alpha angle (AA). Statistically significant differences are marked with brackets. All significances are P < 0.001, except where elsewise stated; +: P < 0.05, ++: P < 0.01. Data are presented as mean values, error bars are 95% simultaneous confidence intervals. N = 10.

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