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Table 4 Direct admission to catheter laboratory vs ED admission

From: The impact of direct admission to a catheterisation lab/CCU in patients with ST-elevation myocardial infarction on the delay to reperfusion and early risk of death: results of a systematic review including meta-analysis

Study ID Number of participants Time; pathway group (minutes) Time; control group (minutes) P value
Carstensen et al. 2007[21] P N=108, MD=154 (IQR 120-233) MD= 249 (IQR 184-405) P<0.001
C N=193
Bång et al. 2008[23] P N=115, MD=184 MD=238 P<0.02
C N=66 (IQR NR) (IQR NR)
Dorsch et al. 2008[22] P N=172 MD=105 MD=143 P<0.001
C N=215 (IQR NR) (IQR NR)
Majumder et al. 2011[25] P N=200 MD=106 (IQR 91-132) MD=130 (IQR 103-164) p<0.005
C N=161
Cheskes et al. 2011[26] P N=80 MD=70 (IQR 24) MD=107 (IQR 30) P<0.001
C N=95
Bagai et al. 2013a[27] P N=1316 MD=68 (IQR 54-85) MD=88 (IQR 73-106) P<0.001
C N=11265
Bagai et al. 2013b[28] P N=28 MD=75 (IQR 59-93) MD=90 (IQR 76-109) P<0.001
C N=1401
  1. N= Numbers.
  2. P= Pathway.
  3. C= Control.
  4. MD= Median.
  5. IQR= Interquartile range.
  6. NR= Not reported.
  7. Symptom onset to balloon time.