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Table 1 Assessment of the severity of bronchiolitis in infants < 12 months*

From: Acute bronchiolitis in infants, a review

  Mild bronchiolitis Moderate bronchiolitis Severe bronchiolitis**
Feeding Normal Less than usual Not interested
>half the normal < half the normal
Respiratory rate < 2 months > 60/min >60/min >70/min
> 2 months > 50/min
Chest wall recessions Mild Moderate Severe
Nasal flare or grunting Absent Absent Present
Sp02 >92% 88-92% <88%
General behaviour Normal Irritable Lethargic
  1. *Modified from New Zealand guidelines and SIGN guidelines [7, 26].
  2. **Not all criteria need to be met to categorize as severe bronchiolitis.