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Table 6 Reasons for not using Index or Start page

From: Variations in contact patterns and dispatch guideline adherence between Norwegian emergency medical communication centres - a cross-sectional study

  N %
Question: When not using the Index flip over, why?   
  I find the criteria in AMIS 149 55
  I know it 91 33
  It takes too long 55 20
  It is cumbersome to move my hands between Index and the keyboard 44 16
  It has become a habit 24 9
  I am expected to know it 23 8
  It is of little help 13 5
  I am not trained to use it 0 0
Question: When not using the Start page, why?   
  I know it 117 43
  I prefer to go straight to proper card 108 40
  I find what I need in AMIS 57 21
  It is cumbersome to move the hands between flip over and keyboard 38 14
  It takes too long 27 10
  1. Given reasons for not using Index/Start page, checked off by the operators. Total number of operators = 272.