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Table 1 Proportion of patients receiving different types of treatment

From: Brief hospitalizations of elderly patients: a retrospective, observational study

Treatment or procedure Number of patients Proportion of patients
Laboratory examinations such as blood samples, urine stick test and cultivation 96 67.6%
Electrocardiography 64 45.1%
Diagnostic radiology procedures 42 29.6%
Medicine administered per orally, suppository or as an ointment 41 28.9%
Intravenous medicine or liquid 38 26.8%
Urinary catheterization 16 11.3%
Telemetry 11 7.7%
None 10 7.1%
Oxygen supplement 6 4.2%
Medicine administered subcutaneously, intramuscular or as an inhalation 6 4.2%
Other 5 3.5%
Invasive procedures 4 2.8%
  1. The left column shown the different types of treatment or procedures performed during the short hospitalizations. The following columns show the number of patients and the percentage of patients receiving each type of treatment (n = 142). Note that there is an overlap since some patients receive more than type of treatment.