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Table 1 List of participating hospitals (18 hospitals)

From: Availability of treatment resources for the management of acute toxic exposures and poisonings in emergency departments among various types of hospitals in Palestine: a cross-sectional study

Governmental hospitals (N = 10) Private hospitals (N = 8)
Khalil Souliman (Jenin District) Al Razi (Jenin District)
Thabet Thabet (Tulkarm District) Al Zakah (Tulkarm District)
Al Watani (Nablus District) Specialized Arab Hospital (Nablus District)
Rafidia (Nablus District) Al Itihad (Nablus District)
Darwish Nazal (Qalqilya District) Al Makassad (Jerusalem District)
Yaser Arafat (Salfit District) Al Ahli (Hebron District)
Jericho (Jericho District) Arab Society (Bethlehem District)
Al-Hussein (Bethlehem District)  
Princess Alia (Hebron District)  
Palestine Medical Complex (Ramallah District)