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Table 1 Definition of co-morbidities

From: Pre-hospital and admission parameters predict in-hospital mortality among patients 60 years and older following severe trauma

Cardiac disease Known history of ischemic heart disease, previous cardiac interventions for ischemic heart disease
Malignancy Currently under oncological follow up for active oncological disease
Diabetes mellitus Patient requiring insulin or oral hypoglycemic therapy
Neurological disease History of cerebrovascular accident, severe parkinsonism or antiepileptic therapy
Dementia A patient with an established diagnosis of dementia
Hypertension History of hypertension requiring medication
Chronic anticoagulation Patients currently on anticoagulation (low molecular weight heparin or Warfarin), and anti-platelet therapy (excluding aspirin)
Chronic renal failure Preexisting renal insufficiency on admission
Chronic pulmonary disease Ongoing treatment for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or asthma