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Table 1 Categories of guideline recommendations classified by medical function

From: Adherence to guidelines and protocols in the prehospital and emergency care setting: a systematic review

Medical function Examples
Diagnostic 1. Evaluate arterial blood gas for patients with acute exacerbations of COPD[19]
2. Obtain blood culture in case of a child with fever[42]
Treatment 1. Administer benzyl penicillin if a patient has a non-blanching purpuric rash[25]
2. Administer epinephrine 1 mg intravenous, intraosseous or endotracheal if a patient has cardiac arrest[27]
Monitoring 1. Monitor blood pressure and SaO2 at least once for a patient with cardiac arrest[26]
2. Monitor EtCO2 for a patient with cardiac arrest[26]
Organisational (referral, documentation) 1. Refer to an allergist in case of a severe allergic reaction[49]
  2. Document asthma severity (mild, moderate, severe)[35]