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Figure 3

From: Management of traumatic hemipelvectomy: an institutional experience on four consecutive cases

Figure 3

Female, 40 years old, admitted to our hospital 12 h after the right lower extremity was injured by a truck. (a) Resuscitation and the ligation of the external iliac artery were performed in the local hospital. (b) The preoperative angiography showed the external and partial internal iliac artery in the right were occluded, and no bleeding of the artery was observed. (c) The hemipelvectomy was performed 14 h after admission. (d) The wound was closed primarily. (e) Postoperative X-ray imaging. (f) On the third postoperative day, partial necrosis of the skin and severe wound infection was observed during the first debridement. (g) By the second postoperative month, the majority of wound had healed. (h) &(i) By the 12th postoperative month, the wound had healed, and the patient could ambulate with crutches.

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