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Figure 1 | Scandinavian Journal of Trauma, Resuscitation and Emergency Medicine

Figure 1

From: Management of traumatic hemipelvectomy: an institutional experience on four consecutive cases

Figure 1

Male, 45 years old, admitted for right hemipelvectomy, 12 h after he was involved in a traffic accident. (a) The preoperative angiography showed that the right internal and external arteries were occluded, and the left ones were normal. Hemorrhage from the small arteries was observed. (b) The magnified picture in some portions shows active hemorrhage from the small arteries. (c) After angiographic embolization of the left internal iliac artery and right internal and external arteries, no hemorrhage was observed. (d), (e), (f) Radiography of the pelvis seven years after the procedure, the wound was healed, mild anal mucosal prolapse was noticed, the patient could ambulate with crutches.

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