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Table 3 Patient related measures

From: Evaluation of emergency department performance – a systematic review on recommended performance and quality-in-care measures

   Alessandrini 2011 Beniuk 2012 Coleman 2010 Ekelund 2011 Guttmann 2006 Graff 2002 Heyworth 2011 Hung 2008 Lindsay 2002 McClelland 2012 Schull 2011 Sibbritt 2006 Solberg 2003 Welch 2011
Safety Unintended incidents x     x x   x   x x    
  Medication errors x      x   x       
  Treatment errors       x      x    
  Missed diagnosis      x x      x    
  Morbidity/mortality    x x x    x x    x   
  Unplanned re-attendance (<72 hours) x     x   x x x   x x   
Patient centeredness Complaints x              x
  Patients Who Left Before Supposed To (PWLBST)               x
  LWBS (Left Without Being Seen) x x     x x x    x x   x
  LBTC (Left Before Treatment Complete)   x            x x
  LAMA (Left Against Medical Advice)               x
Satisfaction Satisfaction (in general)/survey x    x   x x     x