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Table 1 Cerebral cortical blood flow and oxygen metabolism of the two groups (mean±SD)

From: Effect of continuous compression and 30:2 cardiopulmonary resuscitation on cerebral microcirculation in a porcine model of cardiac arrest

  Group Baseline ROSC ROSC ROSC ROSC
    5 min 30 min 2 h 4 h
CCBF (%)       
  CC   48±14a −38±11d −40±10d −45±10d
  VC   38±11d −43±11d −44±10d −50±12d
PbtO2 (kPa)       
  CC 9.5±1.3 4.1±0.8a, d 8.6±1.2b, c 7.0±0.8a, d 6.1±0.8a, d
  VC 9.8±1.2 3.4±0.8d 10.0±1.2 7.8±0.6d 6.8±0.8d
PbtCO2 (kPa)       
  CC 5.3±0.8 5.7±0.8a 5.2±0.8b 5.3±0.6b 5.5±0.5a
  VC 5.3±0.5 5.3±0.7 4.1±0.6 d 4.6±0.8c 5.1±0.5
PaO2 (kPa)       
  CC 11.7±0.9 6.9±0.6d 7.3±0.6d 9.6±0.9d 11.3±0.8
  VC 11.9±0.8 6.5±0.9d 7.0±0.7d 9.8±0.8d 11.7±0.6
PaCO2 (kPa)       
  CC 5.8±0.6 5.7±0.4b 5.8±0.6b 6.0±0.6 6.2±0.7
  VC 5.9±0.7 5.1±0.4d 4.5±0.4d 5.8±0.5 6.1±0.5
  CC 7.43±0.03 7.33±0.06d 7.35±0.05d 7.42±0.04 7.44±0.03
  VC 7.44±0.04 7.35±0.06d 7.35±0.04d 7.43±0.03 7.45±0.04
Lac (mmol/L)       
  CC 2.03±0.55 5.15±0.58d 8.09±1.19a, d 6.54±0.70b, d 4.09±0.72a, d
  VC 1.92±0.58 5.36±0.83d 7.26±1.12d 5.55±0.86d 3.55±0.92d
MV (L/min)       
  CC 4.5±0.1 5.6±0.6d 4.9±0.4 4.8±0.3 4.8±0.3
  VC 4.4±0.1 5.3±0.5d 4.8±0.3 4.8±0.3 4.8±0.2
  1. a. p<0.05, b. p<0.01 vs. the VC group; c. p<0.05, d. p<0.01 vs. the baseline.
  2. ROSC: restoration of spontaneous circulation, CC: continuous compression group, VC: 30:2 cardiopulmonary resuscitation group, CCBF: cerebral cortical blood flow (percent change of PU, PU: cortical cerebral blood flow), PbtO2: cerebral cortical partial pressure of oxygen, PbtCO2: cerebral cortical partial pressure of carbon dioxide, Lac: lactic acid, MV: minute volume.