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Table 2 Scoring accuracy of mortality prediction in PPU patients

From: Scoring systems for outcome prediction in patients with perforated peptic ulcer

Scoring systems evaluated Mishraet al[18] Lohsiriwat et al[10] Koc et al[16] Møller et al[19] Buck et al[22]
Mortality rate Mortality rate Mortality rate Mortality rate Mortality rate
10.7% 9.0% 10.6% 27.0% 17.0%
  Area under the ROC Curve (AUC)
ASA   0.91   0.78 0.73
Boey 0.85 0.86   0.70 0.63
Apache II    0.87   0.76
SAPS II    0.86   
MPM II    0.98   
Hacateppe score 0.72     
Jabalpur score 0.92     
MPI   0.84    
Modified Apache II 0.84     
Modified MPI 0.85     
PULP     0.83  
Sepsis score      0.69
  1. AUC denotes area under the curve . An AUC value > 0.8 is considered good, a range between 0.60-0.80 is considered as moderate, and an AUC value < 0.60 is regarded as poor.
  2. ASA, American society of anesthesiologists (ASA) score.
  3. APACHE II denotes Acute physiology and chronic health evaluation II.
  4. Modified APACHE II, APACHE II calculated when no available blood gas.
  5. SAPS, Simplified acute physiology score II (SAPS II).
  6. MPM, Mortality probability models II (MPM II).
  7. MPI denotes Mannheim peritonitis index.
  8. Modified MPI, MPI calculated when no available blood gas.