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Table 3 Akaike's Information Criterion (AIC) and Discriminant Abilities for Each Model

From: The development of simple survival prediction models for blunt trauma victims treated at Asian emergency centers

Predictor variables used for each regression model AIC AUROCC
ISS, RTS, cAGE (original TRISS) 1988 0.9627
ISS, RTS, cAGE 1788 0.9637
ISS, cAGE, cSBP, cGCS, cRR 1791 0.9637
cISS, cAGE, cSBP, cGCS, cRR 1732 0.9648
cISS, cAGE, cSBP, cGCS 1748 0.9649
cISS, cAGE, cGCS, cRR 1819 0.9609
cISS, cSBP, cGCS, cRR 1846 0.9561
cISS, cSBP, cGCS, 1854 0.9562
cAGE, cSBP, cGCS, cRR 1987 0.9503
cAGE, cSBP, cGCS 2000 0.9465
cISS, cAGE, cGCS 2001 0.9547
cISS, cAGE, cSBP, cRR 2017 0.9481
cISS, cAGE, cBP 2024 0.9433
  1. AUROCC: The area under the receiver-operating characteristic curve,
  2. cAGE: coded value of age, RTS: the Revised Trauma Score, cBP: coded value of systolic blood pressure,
  3. cGCS: coded value of the Glasgow Coma Scale score, cRR: coded value of respiratory rate,
  4. ISS: the Injury Severity Score, cISS: coded value of the Injury Severity Score