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Table 4 ICPC-2 ED application

From: Structured classification for ED presenting complaints – from free text field-based approach to ICPC-2 ED application

ICPC-2 codesincluded Name ICPC-2 codesincluded Name
General Neurological
A01 Pain general/multiple sites N01, N03 Headache; Pain face
A03 Fever N05-06 Sensation disturbance
A04-A05 Weakness/tiredness general, feeling ill N07 Convulsion/seizure
A06 Fainting/syncope N17 Vertigo/dizziness
A07 Coma N18 Paralysis/weakness
A80-A81 Trauma/injury NOS, multiple trauma N19 Speech disorder
A87 Complication of surgical or other treatment N29 Delirium
A88 Adverse effect physical factor Psychological/Toxic effects
A91 Abnormal result investigation NOS;Hyperglycaemia P01 Feeling anxious/nervous/tense
A92 Allergy/allergic reaction NOS P02 Acute stress reaction
A96 Death P03 Feeling depressed
Digestive P15-P16 Alcohol abuse
D01-D02, D06 Abdominal pain/cramps general P18 Medication abuse
D03 Heartburn P19 Drug abuse
D04-D05 Rectal/anal pain or itching P20 Memory disturbance
D09-D10 Nausea, vomiting P29 Psychological symptom/complaint other
D11, D18 Diarrhoea P77 Suicide/suicide attempt/suicidality
D12 Constipation A84 Poisoning by medical agent
D13 Jaundice A86 Toxic effect non-medicinal substance
D14 Haematemesis/vomiting blood Respiratory
D15-D16 Melaena R01-R04 Shortness of breath, dyspnoea,pain respiratory system, wheezing,breathing problem
D19 Teeth/gum symptom/complaint R05 Cough
D20 Mouth/tongue/lip symptom/complaint R06 Nose bleed
D25, D29 Abdominal distension R07-R21, R28-R29, R74 Nose/sinus/throat/voice symptom/complaint
Eye R24 Haemoptysis
F01-F03, F13-F16, F29 Eye symptoms/complaints Skin
F04-05 Visual disturbance S01, S02,S04-S08, S99 Pain/tenderness of skin; Pruritus;Lump/swelling; Rash
Ear S10-S11 Boil/carbuncle, skin-infection posttraumatic
H01-H05, H13, H29 Ear symptoms/complaints S12 Insect bite/sting
Cardiovascular S13 Animal/human bite
A11, K01-K03 Chest pain, pressure/tightness of heart S14 Burn/scald
K04-K05 Palpitations/ awareness of heart; Bradykardia;Irregular heartbeat S15 Foreign body in skin
K07 Swollen ankle/oedema S18 Laceration/cut
K29 Cardiovascular symptom/complaint other,high blood pressure Endocrine/Metabolic
Musculoskeletal T11 Dehydration
L01 Neck symptom/complaint T27 Hypoglycaemia
L02-L03 Back symptom/complaint Urological
L04 Chest symptom/complaint U01, U02, U07, U14 Dysuria/painful urination
L05 Flank/axilla symptom/complaint U06 Haematuria
L07 Jaw symptom/complaint U08 Urinary retention
L08 Shoulder symptom/complaint Pregnancy
L09 Arm symptom/complaint W03 Antepartum bleeding
L10 Elbow symptom/complaint Female genital
L11 Wrist symptom/complaint X01, X03, X08, X09, X12,X14-X17 Female genital symptoms
L12 Hand/finger symptom/complaint X18 Breast symptoms
L13 Hip symptom/complaint Male genital
L14 Leg/thigh symptom/complaint Y01-Y06 Male genital symptoms
L15 Knee symptom/complaint Social problems
L16 Ankle symptom/complaint Z25 Assault/harmful event/ problem
L17 Foot/toe symptom/complaint Z29 Social problem
L18-L19 Muscle pain; Muscle symptom/complaintNOS Process codes  
   −50 Medication/prescription/renewal/injection
   −54 Repair/fixation-suture/cast/prosthetic device