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Table 2 Studies reporting outcome of out-of-hospital or in-hospital cardiac arrest in which the prevalence of subarachnoid haemoorhage as the cause of the arrest was reported

From: Incidence, predisposing factors, management and survival following cardiac arrest due to subarachnoid haemorrhage: a review of the literature

Study Years Setting Included patients Method for SAH diagnosis Proportion OHCA/IHCA with SAH Typical features of SAH patients Resuscitation factors associated with SAH Proportion of patients with achieved ROSC Survival in patients with SAH and CA Comment
Shapiro S 1989-96 Trauma centre in the US Patients with respiratory or cardiac arrest and documented SAH CT NR   NR NR 43% survival, 20% with good neurologic outcome Does not report separate survival for respiratory/cardiac arrest
Kürkciyan et al. 1991-99 Mid-sized urban city, OHCA registry OHCA patients with ROSC admitted to the ED CT and autopsy 27 (4%) out of 765 (all OHCA aetiologies) Age<40, headache, female gender PEA/ASY in 93% NR 1 (4%) survived to hospital discharge  
Inamasu et al. 2004-7 Japanese tertiary centre OHCA patients admitted to the ED with CT brain performed CT 26 (18%) out of 142 OHCA patients with CT brain had SAH Female gender, headache PEA/ASY in 96% NR 0 (0%) survived to hospital discharge All patients had ROSC
Mitsuma et al. 2007-9 Japanese tertiary centre OHCA patients transported to the ED CT (including post-mortem CT) 14 (6%) of 244 OHCA patients Female gender PEA/ASY in 100% 10(71%) out of 14 0 (0%) survived to hospital discharge  
Cocchi et al. 2006-9 US tertiary care centre OHCA admitted to the ED who had CT brain performed CT 1 (2%) out of 51 patients (CT Brain done) had confirmed SAH NR NR NR NR  
Inamasu et al. 2007 Japanese tertiary centre OHCA patients admitted to a tertiary centre   10 (8%) out of 124 OHCA patients had SAH on a CT brain   Female gender 10 (100%) out of 10 patients had ROSC 0 (0%) survived to hospital discharge  
Yuzawa et al. 2003-7 Japanese tertiary centre CA patients with CT brain CT and autopsy 8 (18%) out of 45 patients had SAH NR NR NR NR Focus on the paper is radiological features of post CA CT findings
Wallmuller et al. 1991-08 ED ICU Patients resuscitated from IHCA treated in the ED ICU CT 5 (0.5%) out of 1041 patients had SAH NR NR NA 0% Only patients with ROSC included
  1. OHCA=out-of-hospital cardiac arrest, IHCA-in-hospital cardiac arrest, CT=computed tomography, NR=not reported, ED=emergency department, NA=not applicable, CA=cardiac arrest.