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Table 1 Seventeen trauma system criteria and definitions identified from the recommendations for a national trauma system in Norway -reference 21.

From: Implementation of recommended trauma system criteria in south-eastern Norway: a cross-sectional hospital survey

Item no. Criteria Definitions
1 Defined TT -a defined multidisciplinary group of personnel receives trauma patients
2 TT activation criteria -predefined and written criteria activates the TT
3 TT activation < 15 min -the time to assemble the TT is within 15 minutes
4 TT available 24 hrs -the TT is accessible around the clock
5 TT training -there are regular training sessions for the TT with a minimum frequency of two times per year. TT training is based on the principles described by the BEST foundation (see references 25, 30 and 31)
6 ED < 15 min -the emergency room is ready within 15 minutes
7 OR < 15 min -the operating theatre is ready within 15 minutes
8 CXR < 15 min -a chest x-ray is taken and made accessible to the TT within 15 min
9 Trauma Protocol -there is a written and updated trauma protocol describing the management of major trauma
10 Trauma Checklist -a checklist is used for documenting and guiding the management of the trauma patient in the ED
11 Transfer Criteria -there are written criteria for transfer of patients to higher level of care
12 Trauma Registry -the hospital records data of trauma patients in a dedicated registry
13 Trauma Meetings -the hospital conducts regular morbidity and mortality meetings. The meetings are multidisciplinary audits where management of the hospital's trauma patients are discussed. The minimum frequency is two times per year.
14 Anaesthesiologist ATLS- course -the trauma team senior anaesthesiologist is required to have attended the ATLS- course
15 Surgeon ATLS- course -the trauma team senior surgeon is required to have attended the ATLS- course.
16 Haemostatic surgery course -the trauma team senior surgeon is required to have attended DSTC or equivalent emergency haemostatic surgery course
17 Trauma nursing course -minimum one of the trauma team nurses is required to have attended TNCC course or equivalent.
  1. Abbreviations denote: TT: trauma team; BEST: Better & Systematic Trauma Care; ED: emergency department; OR: operating room; CXR: chest x-ray; ATLS: advanced trauma life support; DSTC: definitive surgical trauma care course; TNCC: trauma nursing core course