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Table 6 Fatal acute poisonings in Oslo during one year 2008–2009

From: A one-year observational study of all hospitalized acute poisonings in Oslo: complications, treatment and sequelae

Sex, age Main agent Coagents Intention Days Days on ventilator Comments
♂ 25* Heroin Ethanol AOSA 6 6 CA (A) with ROSC. Anoxic brain damage.
♀ 25 Heroin   AOSA 4 4 CA (A) with ROSC. Anoxic brain damage.
♀ 29 Insulin Ethanol Definite suicide 9 9 Hypoglycemic brain damage. Organ donor.
♀ 38 Methadone Heroin, BZD Possible suicide <1 <1 CA (A) with ROSC, long time anoxia.
♂ 45 Heroin Ethanol AOSA <1 <1 CA (A) with ROSC, circulatory failure.
♀ 75* BZD   Accident, dementia 33 17 Coma, hypotension, respiratory failure.
♀ 77 Amlodipine BZD-like substances Definite suicide 1 1 Coma, acute renal failure, IABP, circulatory failure.
♀ 86* CO   Definite suicide <1 <1 Coma, third-degree burn (25% of skin), HbCO 26%, respiratory failure.
  1. *Active treatment discontinued.
  2. AOSA accidental overdose with substances of abuse, A asystolia, BZD benzodiazepines, CA cardiac arrest, HbCO carboxyhemoglobin fraction, IABP intra-aortic balloon pump, ROSC return of spontaneous circulation.