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Table 1 The distance by road from the scenes of July 22, 2011 to the Oslo University Hospital campuses and the hospitals of the Vestre Viken Health Enterprise.

From: Oslo government district bombing and Utøya island shooting July 22, 2011: The immediate prehospital emergency medical service response

Hospital Distance (km)*
Name Type Utøya island Oslo 2
Oslo University Hospital
Rikshospitalet University 34 5
Ullevål University1 38 4
Aker University 44 5.5
Casualty clinic Local 40 1.5
Vestre Viken Health Enterprise
Ringerike Local 16 n/a
Drammen Central 43 n/a
Asker-Bærum Local 20 n/a
Kongsberg Local 90 n/a
  1. 1Dedicated trauma hospital; 2Bomb incident site
  2. *Distances are approximate because there are several alternate routes
  3. n/a = Not applicable because no patients were transported to this hospital from the site