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Figure 2 | Scandinavian Journal of Trauma, Resuscitation and Emergency Medicine

Figure 2

From: Complications of high grade liver injuries: management and outcomewith focus on bile leaks

Figure 2

A 25 year old male suffered a trans-abdominal GSW with grade 4 liver injury, duodenal and small bowel injuries. On PID 12 intrahepatic abscess was found on CT scan (A, arrow). A bile leak developed following percutaneous drainage. An ERCP (B) was performed and showed a leak from both right and left hepatic ducts (GB - gallbladder, CBD - common bile duct, leak from both ducts is encircled). Following image (C) showed well-drained intrahepatic bilomas (percutaneous drains 1 and 2). PTBD was inserted instead of a percutaneous drainage (D). It was removed 4 months later when no contrast leak was found and the patient tolerated closure of the external part of the PTBD.

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