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Table 5 Quality indicators and mission outcome.

From: A consensus-based template for documenting and reporting in physician-staffed pre-hospital services

Data variable name Type of data Data variable categories or values Type Definition of data variable Comments
30 Physiological improvement from SpO2, RR, HR, cardiac rhythm, SBP, GCS and pain     The expert panel recommends developing Quality Indicators based on changes in physiological parameters.  
31 Mission outcome Nominal 1 = Left at scene Check box   Proposed by expert panel
    2 = Patient to hospital, not escorted by physician    
    3 = Patient to hospital, escorted by physician    
    4 = Declared dead on arrival at hospital    
    5 = Declared dead at scene    
  1. SpO2: oxygen saturation
  2. RR: respiratory rate per minute
  3. HR: heart rate per minute
  4. SBP: systolic blood pressure
  5. GCS: Glasgow coma scale