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Table 2 Event operational descriptors.

From: A consensus-based template for documenting and reporting in physician-staffed pre-hospital services

Data variable no. Data point name Type of data Data point categories or values Type Definition of data variable Reference/comment
10a Call received at Emergency Medical Communication Centre (EMCC) Continuous hh:mm   The time when the alarm call is answered at the initial EMCC Utstein Trauma Registry 2008, Utstein Dispatch 2008
10b Unit arrival on scene Continuous hh:mm   The time when the vehicle stops at a location as close as possible to the patient Utstein cardiac arrest, 2004
10c Patient leaving scene Continuous hh:mm   The time when the patient is transferred from the original location or time of death if dead on scene ROC Epistry CA 2005, proposed revision from project organiser: change "from scene" to " from original location"
10d Patient arrival at hospital   hh:mm   The time when the patient is formally transferred to receiving medical facility personnel Proposed by project group
11 Type of dispatch Nominal 1 = Primary medical mission Bullet list Includes all primary missions other than trauma (medical, surgical, paediatric and obstetric) Proposed by expert panel
    2 = Primary trauma mission    
    3 = Interhospital transfer mission   
    4 = Search and rescue mission    
    5 = Consultation    
    6 = Other    
12 Type of transportation Nominal 1 = Ground ambulance Check box Main type of vehicle used to transport the patient to definitive care. Abbreviated definition according to Utstein Trauma Registry 2008
    2 = Helicopter ambulance    
    3 = Fixed-wing    
    4 = Other    
    5 = No transportation    
13 Result of dispatch Nominal 1 = Patient attended Bullet list Dispatch means unit alarmed for mission or request/advice/supervision Proposed by expert panel
    2 = Mission aborted due to weather    
    3 = Mission aborted due to technical reasons    
    4 = Mission aborted not required    
    5 = Mission aborted alternative tasking    
    6 = Supervision/advice only    
  1. hh:mm: hours: minutes