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Table 1 Fixed system variables.

From: A consensus-based template for documenting and reporting in physician-staffed pre-hospital services

Data point number Data point name Field format Data point categories or values Type* Exact definition of data point Reference/Comments
1 Speciality of physician Nominal (categorical data) 1 = Anaesthesiology Bullet list Specialist/non-specialist is described in "Description of system" section. Mixed refers to both anaesthesiology and emergency medicine Proposed by project group
    2 = Emergency medicine    
    3 = Mixed    
    4 = Other    
2 Population Continuous (numerical data) Number   Annual number of citizens in area covered by service. EED report (European Emergency Data Project)
3 Geographical service area provision   squared km   Area in which the service is planned to operate, squared km EED-report
4 MD unit hours per year Continuous hh:mm   Unit hour is defined as the annual sum of hours the unit is occupied on a mission. ∑ time (patient arrival at hospital) - alarm time/year EED-report
5 Mode of transportation accessible for the service Nominal (categorical data) 1 = Ground Check box Mode of transportation vehicle(s) available to service on a regular basis. Abbreviated from Utstein Trauma Registry 2008
    2 = Rotor-wing    
    3 = Fixed-wing    
    4 = Other    
6 Operating hours Ordinal 1 = Full time service Bullet list Full time service is operational all days and nights Proposed by project group
    2 = Day time service   Part time service is operational only day time and/or in hours of light  
    3 = Other    
7 Activation criteria Nominal (categorical data) 1 = Criteria-based Bullet list Service is activated in accordance with a pre-defined set of activation criteria used by Emergency Medical Communication Centre Proposed by expert panel
    2 = Consultation with physician   Service is activated only after consultation with an on-call physician  
    3 = Both    
8 Number of events per year Continuous (numerical data) Number   Events includes dispatches and requests in which the physician in service is involved when on call "Responses/missions" recoded to "events" by project group
9 Dispatch system Nominal 1 = Integrated Emergency Medical Communication Centre (EMCC) Bullet list Integrated EMCC includes dispatch centres coordinating all levels of pre-hospital services Proposed by expert panel
    2 = Special EMCC   Special EMCC includes centres only responsible for physician-staffed pre-hospital units  
    3 = Both    
  1. * "Bullet list" means only one possible answer. "Check box" means multiple answers possible.
  2. hh:mm: hours: minutes