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Table 5 Methods and approaches for checklist revision and validation

From: Implementation of checklists in health care; learning from high-reliability organisations


"Simulation is a good method for validation and testing the usefulness and feasibility of checklists" (C)


"Use simulation to practise checklist utilisation" (E)


"Checklists should be validated regularly according to a plan, in a simulator" (G)

AE analysis

"Use the experience from adverse events during debrief to validate and revise checklists" (E)

Feed-back from end-users

"The validating and revision group must listen to the end-users' experiences and frustrations" (D)


"Revision could be done by feedback from the end-user. It is important that the end-users understand that their experiences are wanted and expected, and that such feed-back may have consequences." (B)