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Table 3 Prediction of mortality by low clot strength, age and Injury Severity Score

From: Reduced clot strength upon admission, evaluated by thrombelastography (TEG), in trauma patients is independently associated with increased 30-day mortality

  OR 95% CI p-value X2
Injury Severity Score (per point) 1.09 (1.01-1.16) 0.02 6.6
Age (per year) 1.03 (1.00-1.06) 0.09 3.0
Low clot strength (maximal clot strength < 50 mm) 5.00 (1.22-20.45) 0.03 4.8
  1. Multivariable analysis of age, Injury Severity Score and low clot strength (maximal amplitude < 50 mm) with 30-day mortality as dependent variable.