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Table 1 Lateral trauma position

From: The lateral trauma position: What do we know about it and how do we use it? A cross-sectional survey of all Norwegian emergency medical services

   • Check airways (look, listen, feel).
   • Apply chin lift/jaw thrust, suction if needed.
   • Apply stiff neck collar.
   • If the patient is unresponsive, but has spontaneous respiration: Roll patient to lateral/recovery position while maintaining head/neck position.
   • Roll to side that leaves the patient facing outwards in ambulance coupé.
   • Transfer to ambulance stretcher (Scoop-stretcher, log-roll onto stretcher mattress, or use multiple helpers, lifting by patient's clothing).
   • Support head, secure with three belts (across legs, over hip, over shoulder)
   • Manual support of head, supply oxygen, observation, suction, BVM (big valve mask) ventilation when needed.