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Table 5 Alternatives for documenting patient physiology in seven different ground ambulance record templates

From: A retrospective quality assessment of pre-hospital emergency medical documentation in motor vehicle accidents in south-eastern Norway

  Exact values RTS categories Broadly defined categories Clinical descriptions
Patient physiology Chart Check boxes Check boxes Free text field
Consciousness GCS 6/7 GCS 0/7 3/7 7/7
   Repeated field   3   0 1  
Respiration RR 4/7 RR 3/7 5/7 7/7
   Repeated field   4   1 2  
Circulation SBP 7/7 SBP 3/7 5/7 7/7
   Repeated field   7   1 2  
  1. Results are frequencies of the various field types for documentation of physiology among seven ground ambulance record templates. GCS: Glasgow Coma Scale, RR: Respiratory rate, SBP: Systolic blood pressure