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Table 7 The new revised criteria for activation of the trauma team at the University Hospital of North Norway Tromsø

From: Evaluation of a university hospital trauma team activation protocol

Criteria category Criterion
Vital functions 1. Airway obstruction, stridor
  2. Respiratory rate <10 or >30 (adults)
  3. Heart rate >130 (adults)
  4. Systolic BP <90 mmHg
  5. Lowered level of consciousness (GCS <13) >5 min
Extent of injuries 6. Flail chest
  7. Pelvic fracture. Fracture in two or more long bones
  8. Traumatic amputation or crush injury above wrist/ankle
  9. Injury in two or more body regions (head/neck/chest/abdomen/pelvis/femur/back)
  10. Paralysis
  11. Penetrating injury of the head/neck/chest/abdomen/pelvis/groin/back
  12. 2. or 3. degree burn injury >15% body surface (children >10%)
  13. Burn injury with inhalation injury
  14. Hypothermia (core temperature <32°C)
Mechanism of 15. Ejected from vehicle
injury 16. Co passenger dead
  17. Trapped in wreck
  18. Pedestrian or cyclist hit by motor vehicle
  19. Fall from >5 m
  20. Avalanche accident