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Table 3 Main characteristics of the injured patients admitted at the University Hospital of North Norway Tromsø, n = 441

From: Evaluation of a university hospital trauma team activation protocol

Male patients (percentage of total) 317 (72%)
Median age in years (interquartile range) 28 (19-50)
Median ISS (interquartile range) 9 (1-18)
30 day mortality, patients (percentage of total) 29 (6.6%)
Penetrating injuries, patients (percentage of total) 10 (2%)
Blunt injuries, patients (percentage of total) 431 (98%)
Interhospital transfer, patients (percentage of total) 90 (20%)
  1. All patients admitted with a trauma team and all patients with Injury Severity Score (ISS) > 15 or receiving an emergency procedure (for stabilization of compromised airways, respiration or circulation) during 2006-7