70 years of age. Conclusions The results show that emergency medicine based on 816 000 Norwegians mainly consists of medical problems, where the majority of the patients have a non-life-threatening situation. More focus on the emergency system outside hospitals, including triage and dispatch, and how to best deal with "everyday" emergency problems is needed to secure knowledge based decisions for the future organization of the emergency system."/>
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Table 2 National Committee on Aeronautics (NACA)

From: The epidemiology of medical emergency contacts outside hospitals in Norway - a prospective population based study

Score level Patient status
NACA 0 No injury or illness
NACA 1 Not acute life-threatening disease or injury
NACA 2 Acute intervention not necessary; further diagnostic studies needed
NACA 3 Severe but not life threatening disease or injury; acute intervention necessary
NACA 4 Development of vital (life threatening) danger possible
NACA 5 Acute vital (life threatening) danger
NACA 6 Acute cardiac or respiratory arrest
NACA 7 Death