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Table 2 Indications for performing secondary procedures either by intention (planned, scheduled) or, based on failed primary (index) management

From: Steppingstones to the implementation of an inhospital fracture and dislocation registry using the AO/OTA classification: compliance, completeness and commitment

Indications for secondary procedures (reoperations)
Severe complications or major events 1 Wound disruption
  2 Deep infection
  3 Deep hematoma
  4 Refracture (inadequate trauma)
  5 Peri-implant fracture
  6 Osteonecrosis
  7 Delayed/non union
  8 Malunion
  9 Posttraumatic arthritis
  10 Implant broken through joint surface
  11 Implant failure
  12 Loosening of arthroplasty material
  13 Dislocation after hemiarthroplasty
  14 Dislocation after total joint replacement
  15 Debridement (secondary soft tissue damage)
  16 Other (serious reasons)
Mild complications or minor events 17 Failed index conservative procedure
  18 Superficial infection
  19 Superficial hematoma
  20 Refracture (adequate trauma)
  21 Discomfort from osteosynthetic material
  22 Other (inconvenient reasons)
Planned/intended events 23 Debridement (primary soft tissue damage)
  24 Planned final fixation
  25 Routine metal removal
  26 Other (intended reasons)