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Table 1 Time line

From: Favourable outcome after 26 minutes of "Compression only" resuscitation: a case report

Accumulated time h:mm:ss Activity
0:00:00 Emergency call received
0:00:36 Exact localization documented
0:00:55 Unconsciousness confirmed
0:01:13 Instruction to open airway
0:01:20 Respiratory arrest confirmed
0:01:30 Instruction to give CC-only, without any rescue breaths
0:02:11 Certain respiratory efforts observed. Compressions paused shortly
0:03:40 Gasping and moaning between compressions could be heard in the phone
0:04:13 Dispatcher emphasizes that the compression rate should be powerful and at a frequency about 100/min
0:09:20 Efforts to find some close living persons to assist on the scene
0:25:30 Two adult persons arrived at the front door. Shortly afterwards they took over the CPR process with 30:2 compression: ventilation ratio
0:30:17 First ambulance arrived (outside the house)
0:31:50 A fine VF is documented, and the first defibrillator shock given
0:49:14 Sustained ROSC achieved after 4 defibrillatory shocks
1:20:31 12 channel ECG shows STEMI
1:21:20 Air ambulance arrived
2:51:20 Patient arrived at a regional centre for invasive cardiology