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Table 2 Findings grouped after the NOTTS (Non-Technical Skills for Surgeons) (13) taxonomy

From: Leadership is the essential non-technical skill in the trauma team - results of a qualitative study

Category Element Our findings
Situation awareness Gathering information
Understanding information
Projecting and anticipating future state
Most of the informants emphasised that a good leader needs to have an overview and see the totality
Decision Making Considering options
Selecting and communicating option
sImplementing and reviewing decisions
The leader needs to take responsibility and make decisions. There should not be any room for misunderstandings about what the leader means and what he/she wants the team members to perform.
Task Management Planning and preparation
Flexibility/responding to change
The leader has to help the process move forward and intervene if the process is going in the wrong direction.
Leadership Setting and maintaining standards
Supporting others
Coping with pressure
The ability to radiate confidence and calmness was highlighted by several members. At the same time the team leader should listen to and trust his team.
Communication and Teamwork Exchanging information
Establishing a shared understanding
Co-ordinating team activities
The informants appreciated leaders that communicate distinctly and clearly