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Table 1 Nomenclature of TEG and ROTEM

From: Thrombelastography and tromboelastometry in assessing coagulopathy in trauma

Parameter TEG® ROTEM®
Clot time   
   Period to 2 mm amplitude R (reaction time) CT (clotting time)
Clot kinetics   
   Period from 2-20 mm amplitude K (kinetics) CFT (clot formation time)
   α-angle α (slope between R and K) α (slope of tangent at 2 mm amplitude)
Clot strength   
   Maximum strength MA (maximum amplitude) MCF (maximum clot firmness)
   Clot elasticity G MCE (maximum clot elasticity)
Clot lysis   
   Lysis (at fixed time) Ly30, Ly60 (amplitude reduction 30/60 min after MA) CL30, CL60 (amplitude reduction 30/60 min after MCF)