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Table 2 Studies on validity of the ESI, CTAS, MTS in paediatric emergency care

From: Reliability and validity of triage systems in paediatric emergency care

Country N, patients Triage system Design Outcome measure Conclusion
Canada [8] 807/560 PaedCTAS Before and after design, prospective study Admission rate, medical interventions, and
PRISA score, comparison with previous used triage tool (4 level)
Previous triage tool had better ability to predict admission than paediatric CTAS
Canada [11] 58,529 PaedCTAS Retrospective Admission, ICU admission
Length of stay (LOS)
Good correlation between urgency and admission, ICU admission and LOS
Canada [33] 1,618 PaedCTAS Retrospective Costs of resource utilization PaedCTAS urgency level correlates well with resource utilization
USA [6] 510 ESI
(version 3)
Prospective triage, retrospective chart review Admission rate, medical interventions, PRISA score, comparison with used triage tool ESI score predicts resource use, length of stay, and admission to hospital
The Netherlands [14] 1,065 MTS Retrospective Reference standard for urgency * Sensitivity 63%
Specificity 78%
The Netherlands [16] 17,600 MTS Prospective Reference standard for urgency * Sensitivity 63%
Specificity 79%
  1. ESI = Emergency Severity Index, MTS = Manchester Triage System, PaedCTAS = Paediatric Canadian Triage and Acuity Scale
  2. * Reference standard based on vital signs, diagnosis, resource use, admission rate, and follow-up