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Table 7 Revised Trauma Score (RTS) categories with clinical notes.

From: The Utstein template for uniform reporting of data following major trauma: A joint revision by SCANTEM, TARN, DGU-TR and RITG

RTS coded values Respiratory Rate Systolic Blood Pressure Glasgow Coma Scale score
4 10–29 ("normal") >89 ("good radial pulse") 13–15
3 >29 ("fast") 76–89 ("weak radial pulse") 9–12
2 6–9 ("slow") 50–75 ("femoral pulse") 6–8
1 1–5 ("gasp") 1–49 ("only carotid pulse") 4–5
0 0 ("no respiration") 0 ("no carotid pulse") 3
  1. This table is based on (but not identical to) the RTS table in reference [22]. The parentheses represent clinical notes that were added by the expert panel.